Gluten Free Bok Choy Stir-Fry

Bokchoy and chicken takes center stage in this simple yet elegant stif fry. Serve over rice, this asian entree will impress guest looking for a light and unique dining experience.

Servings: 4

Level: Easy


3 chicken breast cut into 1 inch pieces

Salt and pepper to taste

1 cup cooked white rice

4 heads bok choy

1/2 cup Gluten Free Kikoman Soy Sauce (Featured Products)

1/4 cup Bill's Best Organic Gluten Free Organic BBQ Sauce (Featured Products)

4 scallions thinly slice

1/4 cup water

1 tablespoon fresh ginger

2 garlic cloves, diced


  1. Marinate chicken with 1/2 cup soy sauce for about 1-2 hours

  2. Heat oil in a large skillet. Season chicken with salt and pepper

  3. Cook the chicken in a pan (reserve the soy sauce it was in), tossing occasionally for about 6 minutes. Set aside

  4. Add bok choy, 1/4 cup water , fresh ginger and garlic. Cover and let it cook for about 4 min.

  5. In a small bowl, combine reserved soy sauce, bbq sauce, and scallions. Mix evenly.

  6. Add to skillet and bring to boil.

  7. Return the chicken into the skillet and toss until heated through

  8. Serve with rice.

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Take away the stress by prepping the night before. Cooking will be much more relaxing. 


Don't be afraid to adjust the seasonings the recipe requires you to have. 



Never rush cooking! 


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