Strawberry Pecan Salad

Some salads are very plain and boring. They don't even fill me up. So, when I make my own salads at home, I try to be as creative as possible. I add protein, cheese, fruits, eggs or anything that I can think of that will be a good addition to the salad. A salad should be colorful and well balanced.

Serves: 5

Level: Easy


1 cup pecan halves

6 oz spinach leaves

1 cups strawberries, halves

½ cup feta cheese

½ cup dried cranberries

baked chicken

balsamic vinaigrette or your desired dressing


1. Combine all ingredients (except for dressing)

2. Toss the salad evenly with the dressing or serve with dressing on the side

3. Top with chicken.

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Take away the stress by prepping the night before. Cooking will be much more relaxing. 


Don't be afraid to adjust the seasonings the recipe requires you to have. 



Never rush cooking! 


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